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what's a minor league?

So, the Sox actually have prospects for once. And they are not purely trade bate to snag Larry Anderson. I think there is a very good chance that a few Sox prospects may play significant roles THIS year, let alone next year when we may have to take a page out of the Brave's book and rely on a steady influx of youngsters along with solid veterans.

This year you may see Jon Papelbon, Cla Meredith (better than he looked earlier this season) or even Craig Hanson, who hasn't even yet signed out of St. Johns (that's a college, not a minor league affiliate), help out the roller coaster bullpen. Bullpen help, as always mid-season, is over-priced and unreliable. Do you really think a guy out of no where who's pitching great in front of 5 people in Pittsburgh would survive the Nation? If you said yes, shut up, you're dumb.

We may also see Dustin Pedroia take over for Bellhorn at second if he doesn't turn it around soon. He's on a pace for over 180 strike outs and is no…

Embree bites

Can someone please tell Alan Embree that throwing a straight fastball at 92-94 mph with shoddy location, very rare breaking balls and offspeed stuff, but LOTS of guption does not work very well? He approaches pitching like he still throws 100 mph. He throws straight over the top (god's gift to lefties) and he can't hit the glove consistently. Either he needs to grow up and get out of the pissing contest, or he needs to get the fuck out of Boston.

Millar: should he stay or should he go?

It seems to be the main topic of debate in "the Nation", perhaps only rivaled by a debate over how bad Bellhorn is. So, should the Sox stick with Millar or not?

Yes. He is very streaky and we've just entered the good times with Millar. His value is low on the trade market, he's a free agent after the season so he can leave under less dramatic circumstances than if we traded him for some minor leaguer, he hits well for some part of every year and we're now in that part, and he is a bonefied "character guy." I think the Millar/Olerud duo is perfectly serviceable for this year.

I hope he does not play for the Sox next year. I'd rather have Youkilis play every day at first, with Billy Barou at third and probably Pedrioa at second in 2006.

That said, I don't think Millar is much of a player. He tries to pull everything in the air. He can hit an inside fastball as hard or harder than anyone in the league, this side of Sheffield. Yet, he's toast if so…