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Late season trades

The transactions over the last month or so for the Sox can be viewed as a great case study in the value of post-deadline trades versus value-for-value trades. The Sox traded two outfielders with value, in Jay Payton and Chip Ambres (The Yanks even wanted this guy to maybe play center for them this year. That's both a testiment to his talent and how desperate the empire is.), for Chad Bradford and Tony Graffanino respectively.

Graffanino has hit .360 with 17 runs in 19 games. That is way above how his career numbers indicate he will play on average. Regardless, he is a decent contact hitter who can run the bases, field his position (and others), and has significant postseason experiance. Bradford is a veterin who's solidified the get-to-Timlin role. His ERA is 2.77 and he's walked only 2 batters in 13 innings. Like Tony G, Bradford is performing thus far above his career average, but there is significant evidence that the eventual fall off will not be Embree-esque.