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Worse trade of the year

7/16/05, a date that will live in infamy with baseball fans, horrible on one, very important level. The Yankees acquired Al Leiter from the Marlins for a player to be name later (i.e. a please-pay-this-bill-for-us trade). This means that Leiter is on a playoff team in 2005. That, my friends, takes Dr. Leiter out of the postseason color commentator chair. The chair has been embarrassed by the likes of Bret Boone; it waits is fearful anticipation for the comments of Professor Mike "Not Gay" Piazza. Why oh why couldn't the Yankees do the baseball world a service? They could have traded a player to be named later in order to acquire Leiter, then give him to the Tigers for a zip lock bag full of trail mix. Then we would be able to enjoy the only good color commentator in America. Evil empire indeed.