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Now hitting for the Yankees...

Johnny Damon is an asshole. "I tried..." Bullshit. He seems to imply the Sox didn't want him because they have sought a replacement. Maybe they sought a replacement because he turned his nose (and hair) up to $10 million dollars a year. He's going to make $3 million a year more in NY - he will lose that much in endorsements because he will never be the rock star there that he was for Red Sox Nation.

This is not Boggs or Clemens redux. They were no longer valued by the Sox and left for places where they could play, win, and feel loved. Clemens was supposedly running on fumes. Boggs was a roadblock to Scott Cooper (the worse 2-time all star? We lost Boggs and Bagwell for that guy!?!?) Boggs and Clemens will always be Sox and I still love them. Johnny is a jerk. Sorry there is so little substance to this post, but I'm pissed.