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What's that feeling?

Am I just tired from staying up too late watching these games, or is my excitement really significantly lower than the last time around? I thought that I wasn't spoiled. I thought that I would still be floored. Not quite, but I still love it.

I do thank Jamey Carroll for rousing me just as the game came towards it's end. I stood up and exclaimed something like "Jamey Carrol is their (next to) last hope? That guy played for the Vermont Expos. He was small on THAT team." Then, he almost broke my heart. What a nice play by Jacoby to get that ball. Though, I have to admit that while I have no reservations about Jacoby taking over center next year, he really is not as good out their as Coco.

One thing that does remind me of the last time around: the Sox came into the Series where I really had confidence they'd win. The first time I didn't voice that opinion because, you know, Babe was watching. This time, I felt pretty good saying that we were a far bette…

Sox fans in VT prepare

Since this is about the only time they'll ever be articles about the Sox focused on Vermont, I thought I'd share one from today's Burlington Free Press. Please note that the reported neglected to note the Vermont Red Sox blog of record: mine. Regardless, it's good. Though, she's tredding well-trodden ground, especially since I've already mentioned all the people she interviewed. It's not like there are Sox fans in Vermont who do NOT read my blog. As if.


I love this outfield (today)

In the back of my mind as the season went on, I often thought about how nice it would be if JD Drew would really hit in the playoffs. Well, it hasn't happened, until tonight. This would be a different offense if that continued.

Ellsbury deserves to be the starter. Simply, he's the better player. Everything Coco gives you (baserunning, defense, a cool name) Jacoby gives you. He also can hit the ball, which is nice sometimes. On top of that, I'd rather have Coco as the late inning pinchrunner than Jacoby. They're both very fast, but Coco has more experience.

So you're saying there's a chance...

What a great game last night. Beckett is simply amazing. I'm not sure why the Sox didn't pull him after seven, go with Oki, then Pap, and thus leave a bit more of a window to get a few innings from Josh in game 7 if absolutely needed. But the point is to win, and leaving Beckett in for this game was the surest way to ensure that.

Let's give credit where credit is due: Youk is really hitting well. He's working the count like he always does, but he's looked aggressive and, unlike his usual at bats against elite power pitchers, he hasn't looked the least bit overmatched.

I'm usually in the camp with Tito of stay with the guys that got you here, don't change for the sake of change, don't show panic by giving up on a player, etc. I agreed wholeheartedly with this approach to the early season Pedroia-Cora controversy. However, I do think it's time that Ellsbury (or even Kielty) start. Coco is struggling soooooo badly. His "at bat" when…

Mid-game brain dump

Years ago, my buddy and I marveled at how good Al Leiter was at calling the playoffs. I say this to sucker you into thinking that I like some non-NESN announcers. That established, let me say that I don't like Buck or McCarver. Now, let me move on to the less obvious things:
Dane Cook is really annoying me. Is there any quicker way to annoy your fan base then being that ad guy? His excitement: not contagious.What would Eric Karros's hair say if it could talk?Why don't more pitchers do the old school windup like Byrd?
Jhonny has limited range at best.I died a little when Youk finally had an error - though I don't think it'll cost in the record books.


Maybe you think that cable in Burlington Vermont on the municipally-chartered system goes out when the Sox fall down 7-0 in the 5th inning of the 4th game of the ALCS by coincidence. But that's why I'm the blogger, and you're just... you know what you are.

Thanks go out to the industrious denizen of Burlington who, realizing that "reality" was closing, took it into his (or her) own hands (or hand) to take out (or on) the man (or woman) who runs the cable system that is allowing the propoganda of Sox defeat to infiltrate. We all know that in this media blackout, the Sox are winning. I refuse to relocate to a local watering hole to see more of the man's lies. In some reality, somewhere, the Sox are winning.

Shit, the cable just came back on (no, I'm not kidding).

I'd like to note that the cable, at least in my house, really did go out. I can't believe I came back to see highlights of back-to-back-to-back jacks. We're not all the way back, but…

The Girard theory

Joe Girard just suggested that Beckett is injured, that's why he's not starting. Interesting. I don't believe it, but interesting. I think that the Sox realize they have a 17 game winner with good postseason creds going tonight, and a short short leash. I'd like to see Jon Lester warming up now.

Game $&#^*(^ on!

This is going to be a fantastic game. The two best teams in baseball, a great collection of young and veteran stars, the two best pitchers in the game, great bullpens, even a former Sox catcher managing the other team (lost him in the expansion draft). I am so excited for a great great game. Please don't disappoint...

Just like beer goggles

This is something random, probably better discussed after the season, but hell, I get to say what I want; that's why they call it a blog! Wait... that's not why... shit.

What do we miss out on by watching the Sox on NESN, a station owned by the Red Sox? If it weren't the Sox, we'd be up in arms. Think about media filters through which we see politics. Think about biased interpretations of reality by reporters. NESN gets a pass because it's the Red Sox and because we love Remy & Orsillo.

Anyway, it's something to think about and discuss. Maybe I'll have more at a later date.

Tuesday: I can't wait!

Here's a quick rundown of the schedule for the big series:
Friday: Sabathia vs Beckett, 7pm, Boston
Saturday: Carmona vs Schill, 8pm, Boston
Monday: Dice-K vs. Westbrook, 7pm, Cleveland
Tuesday: Wake vs. Byrd, 8pm, Cleveland
Thursday: 8pm, Cleveland
Saturday: TBA, Boston
Sunday: TBA, Jericho VermontThat is all I was going to write... but I have to make this point first:Wakefield vs. Byrd!!!!! There has never been a matchup of two pitchers using less velocity to get people out, this side of my slow pitch softball league. Byrd rivals Wake in this department, and they still call his pitches "fastballs." While Wake's mockingly-slow pitches move so much that a man whose only professional skill is catching the ball can't catch that ball, Byrd hasn't walked a guy since the deadball era. Also, please revel in Byrd's windup. It's emotionally jarring.

A few quick things

I just read over this ESPN breakdown of the upcoming series and I thought it was pretty good. It seems to foreshadow what might be a great series with the Indians. Check it out here.

It is extremely annoying that MLB isn't having teams play Fri, Sat, and Sun. in the playoffs. The Sox have this Sunday off. Ok, it's probably a travel day, but still! We get to watch games on the weekend so we want to have games to watch. It's also annoying that they rest more in the playoffs then in the regular season. It gives an advantage to teams with shorter starting rotations.

What a great game!

Good lord. What a game. I'm still excited and tired from the game last night. That was the best moment of the season (so far?). It not only was fun to watch, but it could be the catalyst needed to get the Sox back to playing like they did before the All Star break.

Here's why this is such a huge moment:
Manny might get hot. Watch out.A dangerous Manny might make Scioscia think twice before intentionally walking Papi - they walked him FOUR TIMES yesterday! Pitching to Papi, and more willingness to throw him strikes makes him a better player. That is why Papi bats 3rd rather than cleanup. He's more in need of lineup protection than Manny usually is because he's more liable to go with a bad pitch rather than weighting for his as Manny does. That's one reason why his power is down: Manny has struggled, they've pitched around Papi more, and he's swung at those pitches and hit them for singles.It felt like the Sox backed into the playoffs. They needed a r…