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Decision of the aging free agent star

In the wake of the best decision of Mike Lowell's life, I wanted to wax poetic... or maybe just talk about why Mike Lowell is better (morally?) than Johnny Damon. Lowell understands that he is in a great place, a place where he can retire someday as a hero. He can break down like Trot did and the fans will still love him because of his track record, his leadership, his character, and the fact that he never dogs it. He understands perhaps that when he retires, he can pitch used cars all over New England for the rest of his life because of this decision. He can hawk the best buffalo wings in Newton or sell us the nicest glasses in Fall River for as long as he wants.

Johnny Damon would have been a legend. He would have remained a cult hero, if he had stayed. He's not a superstar any more. But he would have been highly marketable for the rest of his career and probably afterwards. It's very likely that Damon's marketability would have been so much greater as a long-…

Maybe the answer

In every story I've read about the 3B market (Lowell & A-Rod), the Globe mentions Miguel Cabrera of the Marlins. Today's article mentioned that we might be more interested in him playing 1B. That move would probably upset fans because we all love Youk - and for good reason especially now with his well-deserved Gold Glove. However, obtaining Cabrera, if possible, is the right move to solve the Sox' biggest long-term problem: where is the thump in the lineup going to come from as Manny and Papi get older (and as Manny's contract runs out after this year).

Cabrera is the best clone of a young Manny in baseball today. If we can get him, put him at first for a year, maybe move Youk to third, don't sign Lowell (it hurts to type that), and then move Cabrera to left after this year to replace Manny. This guy is insanely good, and 24 years old.

Good small move #1

Not only did the Sox exercise the option on Wake's contract - which is a no brainer if there's a reasonable chance he can move his right shoulder next year - but they exercised the option on Julian Tavarez. While I agree that he's not great, that he wasn't good enough for a postseason roster spot, etc., I think this is a very very good move.

Schilling is gone next year. The rotation looks to be Beckett, Dice-K, Wake, Lester, Buchholz. I like it, but there are a lot of if's in there. You need to have someone capable of making 20 starts if someone goes down or one of the kids falters. You need that person to be somewhat capable out of the pen. You need that guy to not pull a Jay Payton if he never has a set role. Do you want Kyle Snyder for that? David Pauley? Bob Stanley? I'll go with JT. And, we get to see the traffic cop for another maybe-crazy year.