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The Catching Situation

The Sox have a situation looming at catcher. Jason Varitek is getting old and every year that he's our only viable option is a greater risk. This season he'll be 36 years old. That's pretty old for a catcher. Tek made the majors at 25 years old, but he caught all his life so that probably won't help the wear and tear. I remember a few old catchers from my childhood.

Here are a few:
Gary Carter - he was 38 when he retired. By the time he hit 35, he was playing very limited time (no more than 101 games the last 4 seasons). He's a hall of famer who started playing in the majors at 20 years old.Carlton Fisk (of Bellows Falls, Vt.) - I think he's still playing somewhere. He's the captain of a team in Guam where Julio Franco is called "kid." The man played mlb at the age of 45. That's actually illegal in some countries. That's why he couldn't play whenever the White Sox played in Toronto. It's true. Look it up. Wait. Don…

Young Pitching

As it seems more and more likely that Johan Santana will not be a Red Sox (Sock?), I've been thinking a lot about the benefit of this no trade: keeping our youngins.

On that front, it's interesting to me how much we all love young pitchers. I'm so excited to see what Buchholz and Lester can do. I'm was happy to read about Justin Masterson as a Derek Lowe clone. Excitement wise, I'm more excited about these guys then I would be with Santana. That is NOT to say that I think we're a better team sans Johan. I do think though that there is something uniquely captivating and exciting about watching young pitchers step up - or fail - in the big leagues.

I'm going to leave that thought there for now. I have my thoughts on the matter, but I'll let people muse for a bit - or more than a bit perhaps given my recently postless track record. Then I'll come back and bring the knowledge. Feel free to comment (and be skooled).