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More Kudos to "Little Fenway"

I've posted before about "Little Fenway", the whiffleball field made to look like Fenway park in Jericho, Vermont. I love this place - even though I haven't been there... yet. They even created a Little Wrigley now.

So, I just received an email from Pat O'Connor came up with this idea and built this monument to baseball, justice, peace, humanity, and wacky pitches. Here's the email:

I wanted you to be the first to know that a new book titled "Little Fenway: Bigger than a Baseball Fan's Imagination" is now available for purchase via paypal on During the past seven years the magic of Little Fenway has brought laughter and hope to children of all ages through Wiffle ball tournaments and community events. The book describes how the idea was conceived, the design and construction of the field, and the events on this acre of land that have warmed the hearts of this Vermont community.

This 160-page laminated hard-cover…

Vermont on Opening Day: A Mixed Bag

As the self-appointed spokesperson for Vermont's province of the Red Sox Nation, I would like to express my "sincerest" apologies to the rest of the world, nay, the rest of the galaxy for the recent transgression by a pilot in the Vt. National Guard. Apparently, a pilot for the Guard was running late because he was going too fast (what?) and had to end up doing a "legitimate maneuver" which made for a nice show but wasn't quite regulation. Basically, I think this guy just wanted to go all Topper Harley but got the old Camp Johnson grounding for his screwball antics. Regardless: our bad. See the youtube here.

On a different note, Sox fans in Burlington had at least two establishments which opened up for the 6am first pitch of the season. Nectars and Kyoto Japanese Steakhouse were rocking. The Burlington Free Press had this article about what it's like to have Japanese steak and eggs while watching the Red Sox play at 6am on a school day in Burlingto…

Be advised

"The word on Bartolo Colon is his right oblique (side) is still tender to touch," according to the Globe.

I note this so any resident tickle enthusiasts contain their insatiable urges. Also so that, in order to preempt any ill-advised assaults, let me point out that Colon does not giggle if you pock him in his belly, contrary to persistent rumors -take it from one who tried.

Game on...

I miss your long locks...

I stand (sit) corrected (mentally bitchslapped) by the fact that Kyle Snyder is the odd (because he's 6'8") man out in the bull(shit)pen. The Sox will have ten days to either trade that big, longhaired guy or waive him.

There's some small chance they could get something in a trade but I see very little chance of him clearing waivers and going to Pawtucket. My hope is that the rest of the league realizes how hard it is to find any reliever who can post a 3.81 ERA for a full season - as he did last year - and will be willing to trade something to not have to compete for his services on the open market. I think that the waiver system is progressive in that the worst teams get first crack at available players on the waiver wire; so, maybe a team with a good record last year might want to make a trade rather than allow Snyder to be picked up by the likes of the White Sox or Rays.

I think Snyder is a good pitcher and I was really thrown off the scent of this move by Mr. F…

The (bull)pending shakeup

It's logjam time after the game tomorrow. In order to start on Sunday, Josh Beckett will have to be activated, and Mike Timlin will also have to be activated shortly. That'll bump two pitchers off the 25-man roster.

In an under the (my) radar move, the Sox already had to just let go Craig Breslow who the Indians quickly snagged. Breslow, a 27 year old lefty from Yale, was "out of options" so the Sox just let him go, gaining nothing. The Sox elected to keep Javier Lopez and the non-Oki lefty in the pen. The smart move no doubt, but it's too bad the Sox lost Breslow from a selfish perspective.

Now the Sox have another decision: which two of pitchers to drop now. The Globe thinks this competition is between lefty Lopez, and righties David Aardsma and Bryan Corey. I think that Julian Tavarez and Kyle Snyder are also in the mix on this. Lopez is the safest; I don't see the Sox dumping him as the only lefty specialist.

Aardsma, 26, has the most talent; Corey i…