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Young Guns

The Sox are really showing that they have an incredible depth of young pitching. Two of their young starters, Lester and Buchholz, have thrown no-hitters already. Their young closer is maybe the best in the game. Craig Hansen and Manny Delcarman have shown that they might well be the Mariano Rivera to Paplebon's John Wetteland - though it's also clear that we are not there yet, a big disappointment to me regarding Mr. Delcarman

And tonight we get our second look at Justin Masterson. There's talk about his eventually being a reliever. My thoughts are very clear on this: is dumb. I don't like using sinker ballers as relievers unless they're just not good enough to start. The sinker is a pitch that you throw to contact, that you actually want people to make contact with so as to make them ground out and minimize a starter's pitch count. That is less than ideal for a short reliever.

Anyway, my point is that I'm in awe of the young arms. Clay has strugg…