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Quicky Handicapping

It seems the Sox biggest worry - aside from the un-baseball flukes that can doom a three game series - is the health of Beckett, Lowell, and Drew. I am very worried about Beckett. Every movement in this sport of ours is a extremely forceful twist; an oblique is the muscle that runs that motion. I also worry about Lowell attempting to handle a Chone Figgins bunt with that bum hip of his.

The Sox have some chance of winning without Lowell. Casey and Cora (and Kotsay) would be starting for a lot of other teams, and the Sox could win without Lowell if they had wonderful pitching.

However, the Sox can NOT win without Josh Beckett. Lester and Dice-K are pretty good, but the Sox need one more pitcher and that guy simply has to be Beckett.

I am not really worried about Drew. He probably won't play all that much, but frankly Kotsay gives you most everything Drew does, with the significant exception of power. The fact is though that the Sox will win or lose on pitching and their solid d…

The Starting Nine

Here are nine random thought about the Sox in the order in which I think of them:
I'm so glad I was wrong that the Sox would surely dump Coco Crisp this season. I know he's not much of a hitter - except when he's on fire like he is right now - but he's really been an important part of this team all year. He's a starter on almost any other team, and he's allowed the Sox to avoid completely throwing a still-maturing Jacoby out there in an absolute sink-or-swim situation. Coco's versitility, great defense, speed, and functional bat (he'll end up batting around .280 with 8 homers) make him invaluable. Maybe they'll trade him this off season, but this has worked out very well and there is no need to dump him until (if?) Jacoby really comes into his own.I hope the Sox retired Wakefield's jersey when he retires. That's probably not going to happen since all the retired numbers now were worn by HoF'ers. Wake will pitch his 500th game in a S…