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Oh Captain My Captain

I am concerned with the fact that the Sox are quite possibly going to play next year without Jason Varitek, Mike Lowell, and Alex Cora. These three guys are the veteran leaders on and off the field. I'm not sure how vocal Cora is, but he's an obvious coach-in-waiting not to mention a great bench player.

Youk, Pedroia, Bay, Ellsbury, Drew... none of these guys are ready and able to be a on-the-field leader. I think for this reason alone, the Sox need to keep Lowell or 'Tek.

The Catcher Dilemna

Obviously, the biggest issue this off season is what to do about catcher with Varitek aging, not hitting, and Borasing his way to the biggest contract available. Here is a part of the equation that has been raised much: the greatest roadblock to the advancement of any young catcher in the Sox system is Tim Wakefield.

First, let's dispense with the pleasantries. Wake is a great pitcher and should join Pesky as the second non-Hall of Famer to have his number retired in Fenway.

Yet, as vividly and painfully displayed by the Josh Bard experiment, Wake can singleknuckledly derail an otherwise-promising Sox catching prospect when said prospect is forced into duty as Wake's personal catcher.

The Catch 22 for the Sox is that no catcher in the system is ready to take over for 'Tek because of a moderate talent pool and not enough high level - let alone major league - experience. So the Sox keep playing 'Tek and only try young guys as the back up (i.e. Wake's catcher). They …