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Deals and No Deals

The Sox have been pretty busy over the last few weeks. I thought I'd run through my thoughts on these acquisitions and non-acquisitions. However, I'm not going to get further into the morass of Texiera and other big name misses, much.

Rocco Baldelli Obviously, there's the sentimental, local-boy-made-good reason as to why I love having Rocco in the fold. There's also the rather irrational hope that he might be able to manage his illness in such a way that he can be the 5-tool force that he obviously has the talent to be. But in the end, this is a cheap deal for a guy who could be a very valuable right handed bat, pinch runner, defensive replacement, let alone inspiration. You can't help but love this signing. It's destiny.

Mark Kotsay He's the perfect complement to two fragile players: Baldelli and Mike Lowell. He can play centerfield and showed he can play first if Lowell breaks down and Youkilis needs to go back to first. What's interesting about…

Say it ain't so Alex!

I owe you guys a post and I have a good one brewing. But in the meantime, here's some sad news: the Sox lost Alex Cora today. In favor of Julio Lugo. This is yet another crime perpetrated by the stupid signing of Lugo to an 18-year, $300 billion contract ten years ago - I "report" contract terms only in terms of how they feel to me emotionally (surprisingly, I have not has any bites from potential clients in my naicient baseball agent profession).

The story from ESPN on Cora going to the Mets is here.