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Caught in a Rundown

With tonight's start by Brad Penny, I thought I'd weigh in on the upcoming Penny-Smoltz-Buchholz situation. Basically, Smoltz will be major league ready on Tuesday (Penny's next go around in the rotation) and we're not paying him to strike out Toledo Mud Hens. Buchholz has looked like every bit of a budding ace this year and waits patiently. The best case is the Penny is traded (he can't be traded until next week because he was signed as a free agent), Smoltz steps in, and Buchholz gets whatever spot starts are surely to come up the rest of the season. The problem is that desperation isn't good for trade negotiations. My guess is the Sox will send Penny to any team that will pay his salary. Don't expect a starting shortstop in return.Pedroia is batting .219 with a .329 on base percentage since moving to the lead off spot. I vote for the return of Ellsbury (.299/.332 from leadoff) to the top of the order. Either he or JD Drew.Anyone else remember Bob…

The Papi Problem

The Sox obviously face a serious dilemma in the person designated hitter David Ortiz.

My feeling is that Ortiz is still physically and mentally capable of hitting well - not great, but well. That said, it might still be time for Papi. He might be done.

The Sox should lower Papi in the order (done) and let him play most every day in June. If by the end of the month - or before if the Sox free fall because of an anemic offense - Papi is still not hitting, then the Sox need to give one month to the internal-organizational solutions available.

To be fair to a possible replacement, the Sox should let him (or them) have a month before the July trading deadline to establish themselves. If that does not work, the Sox should look for a trade of some value (best option for me would be trading a high-value prospect for one and a half years of Adam Dunn).

As for Papi, we all obviously love the guy and want him to succeed. And I for one still think he can. But I'm not sure I think he will.