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Musical Bats

The talk of the Red Sox world seems to be the playing time distribution of the corner infielders, catchers, and DHs (Ok, people are also worried about starting pitching, and most anything else depending on the day as well. But I digress.).

The Sox have six players with starting credentials and four spots. The players are Youk, Victor Martinez, Mike Lowell, Papi, Tek and Casey Kotchman. Seems like there are a lot of theories out there on how to make this work. Really though, there is one answer and it's exactly what they're doing now.

Youkilis and V-Mart will play every day. They are your third and clean-up hitters, good or great fielders who can each play two hard positions.

Kotchman is good, but he's a bench player. He'll probably play first when Wake pitches until further notice because if Wake can't walk you don't want Lowell at third, and with Martinez catching him, Youk has to play third. Kotchman is our first base Miribelli.

That leaves two spots for L…

Big Victory (i.e. Lose)

Today was a good game for the Sox - perhaps more important than a quote unquote win. Yeah yeah, they lost. But Buchholz pitched a second straight very good game. I could be wrong... I might be wrong... ok, given "reality" and "history", I probably am wrong. But this could be that point when a great talent becomes a good pitcher. Buchholz has shut down the Yankees and Tigers the last two times out. He's look confident and used all of those pitches well - the reason the don't even consider him as a bullpen possibility. This is the reason we didn't trade him away. While we're at it, any thoughts on a nickname if Clay Buchholz is good... or if he's bad?

Skinny Holz?

Damn, drawing a blank. Help me...

So You're Saying There's a Chance...

We lose six in a row to our main division rivals, the Yankees and Tampa. Then we come back to win three in a row against a good Tigers team - five games over five hundred and leading a three-team race for the central title by two games over the Pale Hose and Twinkies. What to make of this?

The Sox are a good team which should still make the playoffs in a tight race with the Rangers and Rays. The main differences between the Yankees and Sox last weekend were a) Alex Rodriquez is just insanely good, and b) the Sox were so injured that Enrique Gonzalez (he of the now three straight years of +10 ERA) and Chris Woodward had to play, and Youkilis had to play outfield.

To the first point, the Sox lost two of the four Yankees games at least in part because A-Rod hit good pitches. Tazawa's pitch in the 15th inning looked like a rolling breaking ball but in a good location. Similarly, A-Rod broke another 0-0 tie with a solo shot in the 7th inning of the last game of the series. Again, A…

New Look, New Address:

If you're here, you know. Bosox Wally has a new look. The hope is to change it more in the coming months but we'll see.

Also, more importantly, Bosox Wally has a new web address. While the old address still works, you no longer have any excuse for forgetting the URL. Just type in and you're home. You'll be welcomed with a hearty bowl of baseball awesomeness and embraced in the loving arms of ballfield knowledge. Welcome home. Welcome to the new Bosox Wally.