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In the market for hitters

I am not going to dwell on the debacle that was the ALDS. The Sox couldn't hit against two good-but-not-great pitchers (Lackey and Weaver) and then Papelbon blew game 3. That said, the Sox were and are a good team. They have some great young players (Pedroia, Ellsbury, Lester, and Paps) and great prime-of-career players (Beckett, Youkilis, and V-Mart).

The first thing I'll say is that Papelbon is far from done and is still one of the elite closers. You should look at the closers out there. Rivera and Nathan are maybe better - though guess who blew game 2 for the Twins this year and guess who Dave Roberts scored against a few years back. Paps is also 28 years old, as opposed to Nathan's 34 or Rivera's 73 years of age. For young guns, I'd only consider 25-year olds Jonathan Broxton (Dodgers - blew the last playoff game), Andrew Bailey (A's), or Joakim Soria (Royals) as having even a chance of being as good as Paps is at his worst. Lastly, Daniel Bard is n…

Keys to Game 3

Here's how you win this game over a team that would thus have lost the game.
Be more better than the AngelsPitch wellScore more runs within 9 innings than the other team can score.Score more than zero runs - the more runs you score, the better.Don't walk Bobby Abreau four timesHit a ball over the outfield fence. Doing that counts for at least one run every time.Win one game at a time. You literally can't win three games in one day, literally. It'd be really tiring anyway.

Re- and Preview

The regular season is done, complete with 95 wins. Let's have a quick look back then a look forward toward the playoffs. In the 2009 regular season, we saw:
Papi's career was erroneously pronounced dead twice this year. Once for a remarkably bad start to the season. And a second time when he slumped dramatically following the revelation that he used a "banned substance" - probably, maybe, according to an anonymous source illegally leaking court documents. It really shouldn't surprise us that Papi's productivity so closely relates to his mental state (slump one snowballed under massive pressure and slump two he was accused of cheating). I'm just glad he's usually so jolly and thus productive. There were points when it looked like Gil Valazquez might be our starting shortstop. Anyone's list of team MVP should include Nick Green for not being an easy out and making a few plays at short. He stepped up pre-Gonzo after Lugo (surprise!) sucked and…