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The Blue Jays signed 2-time, former-Sox shortstop Alex Gonzalez today to a one year deal with an option. So, the Sox' quest to fill that moves on with one answer: Gonzo won't be back.

The Sox seem to have (rightly) decided that they cannot start next season with Jed Lowrie as the starter. I still think that a healthy Lowrie can be a very good major league starting infielder. He can really hit and doesn't make many mistakes on offense. I remember when he was in the minors the talk was as if he was a switching hitting Pedroia with more power. Yet, his calling card thus far with the Sox has been defense. That said, he's been injured a lot so far.

The best option for the Sox is Marco Scutaro. He had a career year last year at the age of 34 with the Blue Jays. With the Jays moving on to Gonzo, Scutaro is truely a free agent. His age will keep the price and length reasonable. His career as a utility guy (career games by position: 3 at 1B, 306 at 2B, 98 at 3B, 415 at …

Pitch Perfect (almost)

The Sox do not have a whole lot of room for improvement in their pitching staff. The difference between this starting rotation and a championship staff is a little more offense and a truly dominant playoff performance or two - something I think we can count on from the likes of Misters Beckett and Lester as much as with any other team's dynamic duo.

The only chance for a major upgrade is with a blockbuster trade for someone like the Mariners' Felix Hernandez. But, the Mariners had a good year this year and I expect them to resign their ace. Also, those trades are not easy and can backfire. The Sox pulled one off when the infamous (why is that again?) former GM Dan Duquette traded Tony Armas, Jr. and Carl Pavano for Pedro. But, for every one of those trades, there's one trade where the Expos rent Bartolo Colon (at the time one of the best pitchers in the game) for Cliff Lee, Grady Sizemore and Brandon Phillips (all of whom are stars today).

Meanwhile, Beckett and Lester …