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Starting tonight at left-stop....

...Jacoby Ellsbury. Stick with me here. Scutaro will move a little in and to the left. Ellsbury will play behind the dirt - of course! - but not too far off the infield. He'll play the most shallow left field in baseball history. How many balls would get over his head if he played very shallow? And the ones that do, would be doubles or homers, just as they would if he played deeper.

Seriously, it seems that he could play shallow in the Fens. Though, I guess I'll retreat from the short-field post a la softball.

Jacoby Ellsbury's speed in the relatively-small space of Fenway's leftfield might be the end of the single.

Yet, the conventional wisdom remains that the Sox should have a leftfielder who can mash at the plate rather than run in the field. Looking back through the years (here) as far back as I recognize the names, the Sox have really only had one guy who could really run in left: Tommy Harper (1973 and part of '74 years, he was in center in '72) - and…