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Fan Logic

I like reading the Q&A's with the Globe baseball writers in part because of new intel from the reporters but also because of the questions of my fellow fans. Here are some of my favorite ideas frequently spouted - hyperbole added - and my very-hyper-reasoned responses:
The Sox should just go ahead now and get Adrian Gonzalez already. The reason Gonzalez doesn't play for the Sox is because he currently plays very well for not that much money for another professional baseball team which also wants to win games. Despite appearances, the Sox did not lease Jed Hoyer to the monks in order for him to slip us treats under the table. Rather, the Padres are trying to rebuild a franchise and their interest is purely in doing what's best for the Padres - which currently is playing one of the best firstbasemen in the game every day then maybe trading him for Bartolo Colon's ransom (read: a lot).
No way this team will hit enough to win. The Sox love to talk about "keep t…