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Beckett in Baltimore

Thought I'd share this pic I took in Baltimore recently when Beckett was bringing it. Remember that guy? The ace.

Hermida's Chance

Before Mike Cameron returns to the Sox tomorrow, let me just say for the record that Jeremy Hermida should continue to start in left over Cameron.

Cameron has the skills and experience to fill in adequately for Hermida and JD Drew against lefties. That would also allow Ellsbury to lock in in center rather than moving him over everytime Cameron replaces Hermida.

Hermida is a big strong guy and he's only 26 years old. He hasn't hit a homer in a little while but he has a ton of 2-out RBIs and has loads of potential to really break out. As is he's on a pace for 17 homers and 100 RBIs (and a .220 average with 117 strikeouts). My guess is that if he played almost every day in Fenway, he would hit more homers than that and fewer RBIs. I'd like to see if I'm right.

Update 5/25/10 -- Looks like I might have been on to something. Cameron is coming back but Francona plans to play him more in left for now and wants to give Hermida ample at bats. Tito totally reads my blog.…

The Transition

Last winter, Dan Shaughnessy was in another of his self-righteous, indignant huffs. This time, he was mad Sox owner John Henry, in relation to whether or not the Sox would sign Jason Bay (he of 1 homer this year) or some other big hitter, had said, “Those realities are a function of available talent and age-related transitioning once again as we did prior to 2007." As real reporter Amalie Benjamin points out: "With much of the talent aging and in the final year of contracts, plus a fairly weak free agent class, there is a distinct possibility that the Sox might not be quite so close to the top of the American League next season." Shaughnuessy just complained about ticket prices he probably hasn't paid for in decades and his perception that this means the Sox are throwing in the towel for 2010 and maybe 2009.

The fact is that Henry is right. This is a transition year. This is a "bridge" year. That said, the Sox are trying to put a good team on the fie…