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Low Lowell

Like every other Sox fan, I love Mike Lowell.

With that nicety out of the way I must say: get rid of Mike Lowell. The Sox need the room on the roster. When (if?) Jacoby comes back, the Sox have two options: ship Lowell out or release Darnell McDonald. McDonald is out of options and cannot be sent to the minors unless no other team wants him. There must be other teams that want him. A few weeks back he came within hours of leaving Boston for good for just this reason until he received a stay of execution. He's a very valuable player and should just stay, no execution.

Lowell's value is nil as long as Youk, Beltre and Papi are healthy and productive. We're deep enough into the season that it's time to bet on their health and productivity. And even if one of them slumped terribly, none of these players will be benched in favor of Lowell given their track records and defensive importance.

The Sox must give up on the idea of getting any value back from Lowell. The va…

Playing Pepper

Here's a little run down of somethings I've been thinkin' bout:
Anyone else notice that the Sox are leading the league in runs scored, OPS, total bases, and second in homers. Not too shabby.
Mike Lowell should play third so Beltre stops hurting our left fielders. He's broken Ellsbury and Jeremy Hermida this year - and Hermida's not too small himself.
I'm wondering if we'll hear from Globe blogger Chad Finn about how sorry he is that he has repeatedly called Jacoby Ellsbury soft because of his injuries this year. It was revealed today that Ellsbury hurt himself anew when he briefly returned to the Fens recently. He now has a "non-displaced rib fracture and edema in the left posterior-axillary line". Finn also pouted a bit for taking heat from Ellsbury fans for his attacks, but he seems to have missed the point: that he insinuated a player was soft, and insinuated that there was an undercurrent in agreement with that sentiment, withou…