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Game Time

So I'm going to call of the much-anticipated live blog today. That's because major league baseball sucks. They put the Sox on national TV and blackout video streaming. The problem is that since I'm in DC they are playing the Reds v. Braves on Fox, not the Sox game (why they chose that game for DC eludes me). Then, rather than do something fans might like like lifting the blackout for a game I can't watch on TV, they keep the blackout and make sure no one can watch it. Assholes.

As for the trading deadline, here's a rundown of what I'm hearing and reading:
Ramon Ramirez traded to the Giants but not sure for whatSox are going young with Kalish in left, Hermida sent packing, Dustin Richardson in the bullpen and presumably Bowden and now Felix Doubront set to join him. That is exactly the right move.Jarrod "Yips" Saltalamaccia was picked up from the Rangers for some minor leaguers. He's a big talent. Switch hitting 25 year old catcher th…

2 hours to go

Sox have been quiet thus far on the trade front and I'm ok with that. It'd be great to get a really good reliever but relief pitchers aren't worth the price unless you get a great one. Most available relievers aren't much better than the ones we're tiring of: mini Manny, Oki and Ramon Ramirez.

As for other trades, the Sox could bring in a starter-quality corner outfielder to spell JD Drew while his hammy is acting up and fill in until Jacoby comes back. The likelihood of making such a move depends on how confident the Sox are that Hermida can start hitting again - and that Jacoby will come back and play well. I think they stand pat here too. They could also try to give a shot to someone like Ryan Kalish to bring some youth and athleticism to the outfield.

Lastly, I don't think a backup catcher is worth a trade at this point. Tek will presumably be back and we want V-Mart playing most of the time anyway. You only make that trade if you get someone you expec…