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Playing Pepper

Ok, it's been a month. I'm sorry. I thought I'd try to come back with a little pepper:
The idea of trading Jacoby Ellsbury this offseason is remarkably stupid. He's injured so his value has gone down. If you were to want to trade him - a bad idea to begin with - you should trade him when he's more valuable then now. Also, broken bones heal and don't tend to be nagging injuries. Next year, he should be fully healed and tearing it up on the base paths again. There is something messed up about the "he's soft" idea. Pedroia came back and played only two games before calling it quits. Why isn't he "soft"? Ellsbury is clearly injured according to these mysterious things called x-rays and, on top of that, his game is one built largely on diving. The only legitimate complaint might be that he hasn't spent much time with the team since he went down the second time. But that is completely unrelated to the "soft&q…

Trade Deadline

Seems like the consensus on yesterday's trade deadline for the Sox among the fans is that it was tantamount to giving up on the season. The problem was that there were few real upgrades out there. A couple relievers were available but not Billy Wagner-esque difference makers.

The Sox (in)actions yesterday show two things: they feel that most of their holes are going to be filled by returning players (Ellsbury, Tek, and Peddy); and that the remaining issues are best solved with young guns.

The Sox decided that they are best off with a bullpen of Paps, Bard, Bowden, Doubront, Richardson and two guys from the group of Wake, Atchison, Delcarman, and Oki. I agree. I'd rather bring in Bowden and see what happens then trade a top prospect for someone like Octavio Dotel and roll the dice there. The Yankees used the same strategy last year on their way to the series by relying on David Robertson, Phil Hughes, Phil Coke, and Alfredo Aceves - all 26 years old or younger - to bridge th…