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The Roster

The Sox management has clearly succeeded in filling out the team almost exactly as they planned. Sure, they'd love it if one of their starting outfielders batted righty, if they knew for sure Jed Lowrie wouldn't come down with Leprosy, if they knew what they were going to get from Beckett, Lackey and Dice-K, and (only maybe) an established lefty reliever.

I thought it was time to take a look at the projected roster with some commentary (italics are the at-risk spots and I indicated lefty/switch in parentheses).

Starting Nine
CF Ellsbury (l)
2B Pedroia
LF Crawford (l)
1B AGon (l)
3B Youk
DH Papi (l)
C Salty (s)
RF Drew (l)
SS Scutaro

The biggest question here is the order. To what extend will Francona try to break up the 5 lefties? Where will Crawford bat? I feel his speed will help the top of the order and I'm not worried about a Tony Fossas-type against Carl and AGon. The other questions would be Scutaro or Lowrie (probably Jed if they are both healthy) and where do you put Drew…

Quietly Doing Business

In September, players and management vowed to stop using the media to artificially alter the market. Management had often said publicly if they were interested in a player and/or leaked how much they were offering which had the effect of driving off competition from other teams - even if they were lying - or exposing a limited market for a player thus giving undue leverage to a team. Likewise, Scott Boras et al unquestionably lies about markets for his clients. Every player Boras represents floats like a butterfly and has most of the league offering double his true market value if you were to believe the agent. So, the parties agreed to negotiate with each other rather than through rapacious bloggers. Fucking bloggers.

So according to Business Insider, it didn't work. Boras's mouth couldn't be closed with vice grips and the Steinbrenner Family leaves a slime of leaks behind them as they walk New York.

I'm not sure if that's conventional wisdom, but regardless, …

A-Gone Is A-Coming?

According to just about everyone, Adrian Gonzalez is headed to the Sox after a physical and a contract extension. The Sox have lacked a true star slugger since Manny left and Gonzalez is as much a sure thing in that category as there is in the game.

While I am 100% behind this trade, it does raise a few new questions. I'll chat about those now not to throw cold water on this game-changing trade, but because I can't think of anything more to say about the trade itself than: yes, yes, yes or maybe yes.

Presumably Gonzalez will now man 1B and Youk will move to 3B. I have always been skeptical of Youkilis as an everyday 3B. He has an average arm and his mobility is only going to decline. He has started 180 games at 3B compared to 529 at 1B. That said, the idea of Youk playing left field consistently is not an option. He's started 19 games there in his career and as we discussed ad nauseum last year when Ellsbury moved over to left, we should not underestimate the need for…