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The Bullpen Through May

The Sox are in good shape in the bullpen. Papelbon has been very solid - unspectacular perhaps but solid. He has a 2.91 ERA, 29 strikeouts in 21 innings with only 3 walks. Bard looks good as well. Similarly, he's not been untouchable but there's nothing there to be concerned about.

The next two in the bullpen pecking order - counting from closer to Dennis Lamp - were supposed to be Bobby Jenks and Hideki Okajima (arguably). Oki seems to be done. He'll make another appearance in Boston this year, but I think this is his last and it's very unlikely he'd be added to any postseason roster. He recently cleared waivers and returned to Pawtucket.

Jenks still has the power stuff but when he's been bad, he's been painfully bad. He's rehabbing in Pawtucket right now. He has a 9.35 ERA but he also only pitched 11 games including one where he gave up 4 runs in a third of an inning and the last three appearance before going onto the DL in which he gave up 5…