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Trading Deadline

The Sox come away from the trading deadline with a new utility infielder who has a solid record with the bat especially against lefties (Mike Aviles) and a lefty starter with arguably one of the most dynamic arms in the game and likely one of the least reliable medical charts - or most reliable if you are relying on him to not pitch (Erik Bedard).

What do we think?

The Sox are the best team in baseball right now with only the Phillies as a legitimate rival - I repeat "right now". One of the common misconceptions during the trade deadline is that you can fix your problems if you want to. This is especially misguided when it comes to pitching - which happens to be the biggest question for the Sox as long as Buchholz sits on the sidelines.

Aside from selling the farm for Ubaldo Jimenez - who's not having a great year but has serious talent - there are few pitcher's out there that are actually guaranteed to be an improvement on the back three of the Sox rotation: Lackey…


J.D Drew is making $14 million this year to hit .230 with 4 homeruns. All the while his stoicism makes him seem like he would rather be anywhere else but playing a boys game for millions of dollars every summer.

This year's minimum wage for a major leaguer is $414,o00. So, when infielder Angel Sanchez - this year's #2 hitter for the Astros (sorry Millsy) - played one game for the Sox last year he earned something like $2,500 for a day's work.

Are they worth it?

This is a question that comes up often - especially in the person on J.D. "Nancy" Drew. He's carried the team at times, usually had a very high on-base percentage, decent power numbers, wonderful defense, and played about 130-140 games in 3 of his first 4 years here. But he also gets paid a massive sum while playing a joyless - if solid - brand of baseball. He has a reputation as being soft and underachieving.

But my question has always been: why do we the fans care what the rightfielder is paid?