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The Bard

In case you've been in a cave or came to this post by your desire to read Merchant of Venice, here's the situation: the Sox have started the season terribly (albeit against the best teams in the league), their ace starters have sputtered, the outfield doesn't look like a champion's lineup, and mostly, their bullpen might be better off with Bob Stanley and Calvin Schiraldi trotting in (literally).  Meanwhile, our 5th starter is a 26 year old who can hit triple digits but can also have trouble hitting the glove.  A dominant reliever who moved to the pen after walking 78 batters in his first 75 professional innings, Daniel Bard has been a dominant set up guy for 3 years and now he's being Papelboned.

With the Sox bullpen looking like Franklin Morales might be the best closer candidate -- I joked about that in the last post, I mean it this time - that's how bad it is! -- should the Sox move Bard to the pen and bring up Aaron Cook to start before he turns into a pum…

Season Opens

This Red Sox season really could go any way. It's fashionable to pick against the Sox this year. But there is still a ton of talent on this team and a chip on their shoulder. That said, I think Bobby V. could backfire and fight fire with gasoline in the inferno that is the Boston baseball universe. Additionally, the Sox need some health and it already feels like we're going the wrong way on that front.

The Sox seem like a forgotten team. They were good last year until injuries spurred an epic late season collapse. This year there is reason to believe that they will be as good or better than they were last year. They should expect solid years yet again from Beckett and Lester. Meanwhile, Buchholz can only do better this year than he did last when he was basically a non-factor. If he gives you anything you're better than you were last year and if he's healthy he's a Cy Young candidate. Meanwhile, Lackey, Wakefield, Andrew Miller and Dice-K are replaced in th…