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Gonzalez Traded for No-Beckett and Sans-Crawford

In one of the largest trades in Red Sox history, star firstbaseman Adrian Gonzalez was traded to the Dodgers in exchange for the Dodger letting us trade them Josh Beckett and Carl Crawford.  In addition the Dodgers wanted Nick Punto to which the Sox apparently said "why would we care" and the Sox somehow convinced the Dodgers to throw in two quality pitching prospects and James Loney to play firstbase for the next month.

First off, the reporters ripping into A-Gon and Crawford as people and teammates should be ashamed.  A-Gon has been a great player in two years with the Sox.  He's on pace for an off year this year: .300, 20 homers, and drive in 114 runs.  He also plays gold glove first base and by all accounts is a stand up guy.  In a nauseating article by ProJo's Jim Donaldson, Gonzalez is described as a "whiner" "who went running to ownership to complain about Bobby Valentine behind the embattled manager’s back."  So Gonzalez communicated to th…