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What Good Is A "Firstbaseman" Anyway?

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow.  Something is terribly wrong.  I don't write this to alarm you but only to let you know, as my friends (cause really, who else reads this blog when posts appear magically only every quarter).  So I'm sorry to break this to you.  But what else could explain my excitement for the Red Sox 2013 season?

I mean, their current first baseman is a player to be named later, their shortstop is optimistically supposed to hit .150 next year while routinely catching everything between the Fens and Worchester, they have one outfielder and he's got Boras glasses on for 2014, and John Lackey is their forth starter.  But come on...

I'm excited because I knew Valentine was going to be a disaster and they've gotten that out of their system.  I'm excited because Iglesias may hit less than a tee ball player getting an at bat in the Babe Ruth league but he might be the most exciting defensive spectacle to hit Boston since... ever?   Will Mi…