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Hanrahan Hopefully Likes Pressure - Sox Pitching 2013

So, as I'm sure you remember, I promised to talk about the pitching with this post.  So let's start with first base. 

Really, a quick update about the lineup as my last post assumed Cody Ross in RF and knew nothing of Napoli at first.  Kudos to the front office team for putting together a major league line up.  If everything bounces right, they might be good.  There are conceivable avenues through which it could even be very good (e.g. Middlebooks doesn't slump, Napoli is 2011 Naps, Victorino loses a few years, and Stephen Drew hits like his brother while acting like Johnny Gomes - who hits like Kevin Millar and avoids any defensive comparisons to Wily Mo Pena).

The problem with this line up primarily is the lack of real depth.  Most teams lose at least one player from their expected every day lineup for a significant period of time.  Only with catcher and shortstop, and maybe left field, would that not result in a massive talent drop off for the 2013 Sox.  Most worrisome: …