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Gilligan's Bullpen

We started out the season with two closers, two outstanding Japanese set up guys, two power lefties, a solid veteran lefty, a crazy but effective long man, a back up long man, and some possible rookie add ons.  The bullpen was talented, deep, and had a wide variety of skill sets.  My last post was mostly about if Joel Hanrahan works out, the rest of the pen is lights out.

Well, the months have passed and we've seen some changes.  The two closers, Hanrahan and Bailey both flopped and exited to the DL for the rest of the year.  The power lefties aren't around with Miller having half of a career year before his foot exploded and he went to the DL for the year; and Morales just hasn't been healthy all year.  Aceves has remained on the Paw-Fenway commute all year and has been helpful as a starter.  Clayton Mortenson proved 2012 was an aberration and was bad enough to be released and not picked up by anyone else, so he's in Pawtucket.

That leaves us with Koji Uehara, Junichi …