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Diverging from the Gospel of an Ace as Skid Buster

For as long as I can remember, I have professed the baseball wisdom that a clear Ace of a starting pitching staff was an absolute necessity for any team with any hope of the playoffs.  This, at least in part, is because an Ace can be relied upon to break losing streaks.

The logic goes something like this: every team will get swept, lose 2, 3, 4 games in a row at some point during a 162 game season.  How do you stop that from becoming 10 in a row, or losing 16 of 20 and falling out of contention?  You have Roger Clemens, Nolan Ryan, Greg Maddox, even a James Sheilds or C.C. Sabathia.  You have a single pitcher who will win most of the games he starts and will almost always position you to win even if he's not at his best. Wes Gardiner may lose a game after Bruce Hurst, Oil Can Boyd and Mike Boddicker had also faltered, but the Rocket is 25 years old, has an ERA under 3.00, averages 7.5 innings per start, strikes out over 10 a game, and is absolutely expected to win every time ou…