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The Perfect Trade

Granted, the perfect trade would be something along the lines of: "I have rotten apple, will you trade your Cessna for it?  Great." But that's not reality.

The Sox gave up young shortstop Jose Iglesias for Jake Peavy in a trade that also netted the White Sox a young slugger they wanted.  The Tigers received the defense-first shortstop they needed in a lineup with Fielder and Cabrera.

In this trade, the Sox improved themselves for this year and next, traded from a position of strength where there's redundancy up and down the organization, and didn't trade the undervalued young player in their lineup.

Iglesias had had a great first half.  He is clearly a major league glove, perhaps the best in baseball.  His hitting seems to be better than it was in the minors.  But there's a lot of reason to believe that he'll be more Rey Ordonez than Omar Vizquel.  By trading him away, you are giving up value and you might see him in the All Star game for years if he can b…