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Pierzynski: That Works

Yesterday's signing of A.J. Pierzynski (aka the other news from yesterday) to catch for the Sox next year is a very strong decision.  While I'm not really buying the "bridge" description, it was a very good move.

A.J. is nearly as good a hitter as Salty and a superior catcher at less money and fewer years.  Salty has more power - fewer homers last year but far more doubles and is on the upward slope of his career - but almost double the strikeouts.  I know we are not supposed to care about that anymore, but do you think that if Salty had been grounding and flying out in the playoffs, and had played better D, that he would have sat at the end?

I have always been a huge booster of Salty.  In fact, I thought his signing was the most important signing for the Sox this offseason.  That was in large part because I though he was the second best catcher on the market (after McCann) and the drop off after him was large and would require overpaying (see Carlos Ruiz).  But AJ fi…