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Playing Pepper: Random Thoughts As Spring Sprungs

Here are some random thoughts about the coming year for the Red Sox organization.  I will put up a season prediction in the coming weeks as well.

Alex Wilson seems to be the forgotten pitching prospect.  With so much attention going to Workman, Owens, Ranaudo, Barnes, De La Rosa, Britton, and Webster, I wouldn't be surprised if it's Wilson who actually pitches in the most games for the Red Sox this year.  He's not the high-level talent of the other guys, but Farrell seemed to love his agressive approach last year and the fact that he's not as much of a prospect will mean the Sox won't hesitate using him out of the pen as much as needed.  Last year he pitched in 14 games for the Sox (all in relief) and had an ERA of 4.88.Feels like Grady Sizemore is the ideal candidate for an extended spring training then maybe a few weeks at Pawtucket - assuming he stays healthy enough to play this year.  I'm not holding my breath that we ever seem him play for the Sox, but if w…