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Trade Deadline Madness

The Red Sox have traded away 80 percent of this year's Opening Day rotation - and that's a good thing!

The Sox traded Jake Peavy to the Giants for two pitching prospects; traded Jon Lester (and Johnny Gomes) to the A's for Yoenis Cespedes; traded Felix Doubront to the Cubs for three hot dogs; Andrew Miller to the Orioles for a top pitching prospect; and traded John Lackey to the Cardinals for Allen Craig and Joe Kelly.  Meanwhile, AJ Pierzynski has long since left the building (and signed with the Cards); Stephen Drew was sent to the first team that raised their hand (the Yankees and their willingness to pay his salary); and one has to think that Mike Carp is headed out of town as well.

Let's get this straight first: the Red Sox were not any more likely to keep Lester and Miller yesterday than they are today.

Lester, who's 30, is going to want and receive a contract of 6-7 years.  The Sox would give him 4 and maybe 5.  If Lester wants to stay, he can take shorter te…

Competing and Developing Under a White Flag

It is not too much to say that yesterday, July 9, was the day the Red Sox officially stopped believing that they have much of a chance of winning anything in 2014.  By essentially releasing AJ Pierzynski, the Sox made clear that they are now focused on next year.  That said, they also increased any miniscule chance they have of making a miraculous comeback this year.  In keeping with this model, the Sox should primarily focus on developing talent for next year while simultaneously remaining competitive game-to-game this year.

Getting rid of Pierzynski and the all-but-certain trade of Jake Peavy are the primary steps in this approach.  Christian Vazquez is a better player right now than AJ Pierzynski.  Vazquez immediately becomes one of the best defensive catcher in the majors, would presumably bring a youthful passion to the ballpark, and is reported to be a good teammate, eager student, and developing hitter.  If Vazquez bats .200 with a couple homers and Gold Glove caliber defense t…