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Playing Pepper - Lester's Next Sox Contract, Mookie-Rusney-Yo, Ranaudo Isn't Washed Up

We all have to be glad to hear that the Red Sox plan to spend a lot of the money they saved in the Dodger deal this coming off season.  That said, I would be very surprised if they broke from their norm of emphasizing shorter deals for bigger money.  I would expect them to sign one front of the rotation starter (see below) and one more bat.  I think Pablo Sandoval would be the perfect fit for the Sox.  He's an elite defensive 3B, mashes righties (much needed in our increasingly right handed lineup), and he's only 28.The Sox will sign Jon Lester.  I didn't think I'd every say that, but I think they will.  They want him back, he wants to be back, and he's seen the investments they've already made in improving their offense.  Homer Bailey is making $18-23 million over the lifetime of his contract (6 years with an option).  Justin Verlander is making $20-28 million during his 10-year contract.  When they signed, Bailey was not nearly as good as Lester and Verlander…