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Porcello, Miley, Masterson, and Kelly LLC

The Red Sox just completed a crazy couple of days at the winter meetings with a series of trades and a signing that resulted in a stocked up, if unspectacular, rotation and a bit more clarity regarding the outfield.

If the Red Sox were to start an account with, they clearly wouldn't have to think much about what is their type: he should be a former early round draft pick, a history of throwing 200 innings, ground ball pitcher, between the ages of 25-30, and not interested in a long term, expensive relationship at this time.

The Red Sox just picked up three of those gentlemen in 24 hours.  And that adds to the two they already had (less the innings factor). 

The Sox picked up lefty Wade Miley, and righties Justin Masterson and Rick Porcello for an "all star" outfielder, $9 million, and two old-youngers trying to find a major league roster spot.  Meanwhile, they already have the oft-injured but uber-talented Joe Kelly and the oft-slumping but uber-talented Clay B…

The Victor(ino) Goes to the Spoils

Shane Victorino should going into spring training 2015 as the favorite to start the year as the Red Sox' starting right fielder.  This is not sentimentality creeping through or a blind hope that all we need to do to overcome 2014 is to go back to 2013.

Rather, it is because every possible outcome of Shane Victorino competing for, and being favored for, the starting right field job is a positive outcome for the Sox.

If healthy, Victorino is a Gold Glove right fielder who can steal bases, hit for power, and brings a toughness to the field every day.  At his worst he's in an ice bath.

At 34 years old, having thrown his body around major league baseball fields for a decade now, there is a decent chance that he will not play much more baseball during his career.  Given how beat up he was last year, it feels like a very good chance that he's just about done.

But if he is not, he is the best right fielder we have right now.

If he goes out there, and plays well, he not only might …